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HearthCabinet™ is a world-class ventless fireplace brand that designs and manufactures the only ventless fireplaces that use a safe, clean-burning, gel fuel cartridge system. They are different from conventional fireplaces in that they are not a permanent part of construction, but a decorative piece of furniture that resembles a fireplace.


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Although wintertime often grips New York City in an icy and snowy embrace, people from around the world still travel to this top tourist destination for fine dining, shopping and rollicking activities. Regardless of winter activities, travelers love hotels that have fireplaces so they can warm up before or after being on the go for a full day of activities. With conventional fireplaces being a rarity, there’s a good chance that the hotel suite, lobby, or restaurant fireplaces you find around New York City are HearthCabinet ventless fireplaces. Here is a selection of some of the hotels that have luxurious HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces to cozy up to with glass of wine and good company.

Every year when the leaves start to fall and the temperature drops, we start looking for ways to add a touch of heat and warmth to our homes and social gatherings. Nothing achieves this quite like fireplaces – they are central to our history and the perfect way to create a relaxing atmosphere. There are more fireplace options available now than ever before and HearthCabinet President, Arthur Lasky, an architect for over 30 years, has come across all of them, each with their own unique advantages and disadvantages.