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Outdoor Ventless Fireplaces - How to Spend Summer Fireside with HearthCabinet

outdoor ventless fireplaces - spend summer fireside

Did you know that HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces are not only for indoor use but can also be installed outside?

Summer isn’t complete without spending time outdoors fireside with your favorite people. Whether you're enjoying a staycation on your rooftop terrace or a lovely alfresco dinner in your backyard HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces allow you to enjoy a beautiful real golden and crackling fire virtually anywhere you want - no gas, electricity or connections of any kind are required. 

HearthCabinet's alcohol gel fuel cartridges are single-use and pre-filled

Simply place a cartridge inside the HearthCabinet fireplace, pop the cap, and light the gel inside with a long butane lighter. HearthCabinets are easier and simpler to use than wood burning fireplaces AND since HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces feature a top-hinged safety door with a rigid steel mesh screen you never have to worry about a stray napkin or paper plate blowing in and coming into contact with a flame. Cartridges come in cases of 8 and are ordered online - no more tracking down suitable wood to burn or keeping it around the house. 

Locally made in Brooklyn

Proudly made in Brooklyn and designed by an architect-led team, HearthCabinet tailors ventless fireplaces to match the look you're going for, everything from Edwardian, traditional to long and low linear modern proportions, and in a range of colors and materials. Our stainless steel is perfect for outdoor use and non-corrosive but powder coated colors and finishes are also available.

Custom Fireplaces to Fit Your Atmosphere

Incorporating a HearthCabinet into your design is fun and easy to do. The installation is simple. HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces come fully assembled and slide into place - just secure them with four screws through the base of the unit into a stable base or substrate.

Have more questions? View our custom ventless fireplace options here and speak with our design team. We'll work with you start to finish on your project to make sure your HearthCabinet looks perfect in your outdoor space. 

Be forewarned, your next summer BBQ attendance just doubled.

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