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5 Favorite Winter Fireplace Trends for Your Home


Hearthwarming Holiday Trends

This time of year, there's nowhere we'd rather be than fireside with family. To help you design the hearth of your dreams, we've gathered 5 of our favorite trending (and timeless) fireplace designs. Get inspired.

Color Trend: Black + White | Herringbone Interior Finish

Color Trend: Black + White | Herringbone Interior Finish

1. Color Trend: Black and White

Simply put, you can't go wrong with this versatile pairing. Whether you go classic or contemporary, a black fireplace and white mantel will always be a winning combination and timeless favorite.


2. Herringbone Interior Finish

We love the personality this pattern injects into every project. Simple, elegant, and eye-catching, herringbone makes for a gorgeous interior finish that stands beautifully on its own or can coordinate with your mantel's unique design.

Brass Ventless Fireplace with Brass Interior Finish

Brass Ventless Fireplace with Brass Interior Finish

3. Brass

Brass is having a moment, and we love the warmth this trending finish brings to any project. Whether you choose a brass fireplace (show above) or brass interior panels (shown below), the result will be merry and bright. Pair it with a glass of your favorite scotch, sit back, and enjoy.

Brass Interior Finish | Mantel-free Buildout

Brass Interior Finish | Mantel-free Buildout

4. Mantel-Free Buildouts

If you don’t have a mantel and don't want to build into your wall, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your dream fireplace. Some of our all-time favorite projects break the mold by building a custom surround. When you go mantel-free, your options are limitless. Now, you can buy select surrounds or stands for your HearthCabinet. Contact us today for more information.

3-Sided Standalone Ventless Fireplace

3-Sided Standalone Ventless Fireplace

5. Multi-Sided

Flames are beautiful and mesmerizing; why not enjoy them from every angle? We’ve developed two-, three-, and four-sided freestanding units that bring versatility to a new level. Whether your dream fireplace belongs out of a mantel or out-of-doors, a multi-sided unit may be perfect for you. Imagine the possibilities.


Questions? Call today and speak with a member of our Design Team: (212) 242-1485. We also invite you to visit us at our Flagship Manhattan showroom at 250 W 26th Street. Not in New York? Contact us for information about our Partner Showrooms in Chicago and Short Hills.


Credits: Photo 1 - Project by Justin Dupree

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