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Before and After: How Smart Design Transformed this NYC&G Design Awards Finalist


Nothing elevates the look of a room like the spellbinding dance of a flame. Just ask 2017 NYC&G Innovation in Design Awards Finalist, Daedalus Workshop Architects, PLLC.

We at HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplaces had the privilege of working with the Daedalus team on a recent project whose beautiful outcome belies its bleak beginnings. Daedalus was tasked with turning a cramped and dreary New York apartment—you know the type—into a sleek and shining testament to the power of good design. 


Photo by Michael Cinquino

Photo by Michael Cinquino


When the project began, the 615-square foot flat suffered from minimal natural light, subdued hues, and poor storage. Daedalus Workshop instantly set about introducing light and function into the space with a series of imaginative remedies. Splashes of color now punctuate the walls, and new lighting bathes the apartment in a soft glow. In the kitchen, smaller appliances allow for more counter space, while gleaming White Corian counters and a glass tile backsplash lend an elegant touch.

The unquestionable centerpiece of the project is a chic, two-sided cabinet that runs an impressive 11 feet and neatly divides the living space from the bedrooms. Not only does the cabinet solve flow and storage—it makes for a stunning display, complete with a HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplace and entertainment centerpiece on the living room side.


Photo by Michael Cinquino

Photo by Michael Cinquino

Sliding glass panels conceal a flat screen TV, while a HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplace crackles merrily, drawing eyes to the home’s cozy hearth.

The Panoramic HearthCabinet™ anchors the room’s focal point, adding an ambience of warmth and conviviality that only flame can provide. Because HearthCabinets™ are freestanding and require no chimney or connections of any kind, they can be placed and secured down virtually anywhere. This ingenious solution allows professionals like the team at Daedalus Workshop to bring a fireplace—that rarest of New York amenities—to bear in their finest designs.

For over 10 years, HearthCabinet™ has proudly crafted luxury, chimney-free fireplaces for discerning clients with an eye for design—complete with New York City safety approvals. Our architect-led team of designers perfectly unites form, function, and safety to produce beautiful fireplaces that make the home. Call us with any questions about HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplaces at (212) 242-1485 or visit Contact Us page for showroom appointments across the nation.


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Published on by Hearth Staff.