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Easily Retrofit a Fireplace with Custom Metal Slips


HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces is happy to announce that we are now offering custom metal slips for retrofit projects!  Our custom-made metal slip will close any gap between the fireplace and its surround with the same firebox material and finish, so you don't have to reconstruct your mantel or resize the firebox. And it’s a great way to use one of our standard HearthCabinet models – reducing lead times and overall cost compared to a completely custom HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplace.

Retrofitting an existing fireplace or mantel can be as easy as sliding a HearthCabinet into your existing opening. When you’re dealing with imperfect existing onsite conditions and dimensions, it's so much simpler than incorporating stone or tile slips. 

This newest member of our line of custom products continues HearthCabinet’s pursuit of innovation.  The custom slip extends the metallic finish of our handcrafted firebox and ensures the smoothest transition to a mantel. All you need to do is mount the slip on the firebox, slide and secure. Then sit back and enjoy!

Pictured: Custom Metal Slip with Black Power Coated Finish


Scroll through to feel the fine detail and sleek finish of our custom-made metal slip.


Want more options? Our architect-led team of designers will work one-on-one with you to customize every detail for your dream design. From stainless steel to bronze to colorful powder coated steel, we offer an array of choices that is sure to complement your space. Call us TODAY at (212) 242-1485 or make an appointment to visit our showrooms in Manhattan, DC, Chicago, or Short Hills, New Jersey.



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Published on by Hearth Staff.