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ICFF 2019 Round-Up

Thanks for stopping by HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces - the premier maker of standard and custom designer quality ventless fireplaces. We hope you noticed our devotion to quality in the detailing of our standard models as well as the artistic possibilities our full custom capabilities offer for your project... like the custom colors and hand-painted tiles in our limited edition KI™ line.

Living Coral KI™ Series by HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces  Hand-Painted tile by  Melinda Mezey

Living Coral KI™ Series by HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces

Hand-Painted tile by Melinda Mezey

Installation is always easy. No chimneys or external connections are ever needed.  No electricity, no wood, no gas. The vibrant, real crackling flame displayed in each handcrafted unit  is  a key to our goal to satisfy the need architects and designers have to be able to put a beautiful safe true luxury fireplace experience where you want one!


Our environmentally friendly, single-use alcohol gel cartridges provide the safest real fireplace experience possible!

We never stint on the time necessary for fine design or attentive customer service. But our lead times for standard products is short - and even complete custom designs  have very reasonable time frames because we make  all our ventless fireplaces in the US.

2 CREDI.jpg

Special thanks to our booth participants this year! Eco-friendly, ultra-modern cork furniture for indoors and outdoors by Eugene Stoltzfus and gorgeous mirror-framed televisions provided by Reflectel.

To see more of our standard and custom Hearth Cabinet Luxury Ventless Fireplaces click here.

We offer volume/wholesale pricing for qualified relationships.We invite you to visit our showroom in NYC, or our showroom partners in Los Angeles CA, Short Hills NJ, Merrillville IN, and Washington DC. (More soon!)

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Why HearthCabinet® and the Earth love Eugene Stoltzfus’ Cork Furniture

Today we celebrate our great planet by spotlighting one of our favorite eco-friendly furniture brands, Eugene Stoltzfus. Architect, Eugene Stoltzfus, founded his architectural and furniture design company in 2006. Their team is dedicated to incorporating natural elements into their building projects and object design. Their cork seating and table pieces are framed with steel in a modern fashion and designed for indoor and outdoor use.

Eugene Stoltzfus Furniture Design: The Lisbon Collection

Eugene Stoltzfus Furniture Design: The Lisbon Collection

“The bark of the Quercus Suber has been used for thousands of years for use as stoppers for wine,” says Robert Northington, Director of Sales at Eugene Stoltzfus. “After the corks are removed the waste bark is ground up and compressed. This post production waste is what cork flooring, wallboard and our furniture is made from. Cork trees that are harvested will store more than 5 times the carbon than non-harvested cork trees do.”

Nimbus Round Coffee Table

Nimbus Round Coffee Table

Cork is a fabulous option for furniture because of its impermeability and elasticity. It’s a sustainable raw material with fatty cellular components that make it water resistant. If stained, you can simply and gently sand the blemish away.

Nimbus Large Rectangle Coffee Table

Nimbus Large Rectangle Coffee Table

Cork is mainly harvested from the cork oak forests of Southern Europe and North Africa, most specifically Portugal. Cork trees are harvested every 9 years and because cork comes from its outer bark, it can be removed without damaging or cutting down the tree.

Lisbon Chair

Lisbon Chair

To find out more about Eugene Stoltzfus’ cork furniture, click here or ask about them at your next showroom appointment at HeartCabinet®’s flagship location in Chelsea, Manhattan. We’ll also be incorporating some of their pieces in our ICFF booth May 19th-May 22nd at the Javits Convention Center. Stop by booth 321 to check it out.

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