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“SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY” – Mother’s will love HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces

Mother’s Day is this weekend and we wanted to celebrate one charming quality every mother possesses, protective instincts. One of our mottos at HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces our motto is “Safety, safety and MORE safety” that’s why we designed our Luxury Ventless Fireplaces to the highest quality keeping beauty and safety in mind in all steps of production.

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This is a fireplace mom’s LOVE because it provides a gorgeous, vibrant flame that stays SECURE and PROTECTED behind our patented Locked Safety Screen™. HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces are fueled by patented, single-use and prefilled gel alcohol cartridges which means NO EXTERIOR CONNECTIONs. No gas, no electricity and no wood which also means NO MESS to clean up. The cartridges can simply be placed in a metal recycling bin after use! So simple! So safe!

Our patented safety features are unique to HearthCabinet® and ensure consistent safe use. In fact, HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces are the ONLY Ventless Fireplaces approved for use in New York City by the NY Fire Department and NY Department of Buildings.

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Our standard ventless fireplace models are ETL tested to UL standard 1370 (STANDARD FOR SAFETY – Unvented Alcohol Fuel Burning Decorative Appliances) which is a National Safety Certification.

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To learn more about our safety features and approvals click here. Stay safe and have a wonderful Mother’s Days, from our dedicated team HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces.

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HearthCabinet® + Cliff Young Ltd. 2019 Collaboration

This spring we’ve warmed things up by developing new designs with award-winning furniture company, Cliff Young Ltd. Our collaboration showcases two cutting-edge contemporary-classic installations: one that features mixed metal materials inspired by images of modern skyscrapers and the play of reflected light and the other influenced by contemporary floating cabinetry. We’ve created this furniture line to reflect timeless luxury and effortless elegance. The audience these pieces attracted at both the Architectural Digest Design Show and High Point Spring Market confirmed that this collaboration was a success.

Luca Fireplace by HearthCabinet® + Cliff Young Ltd.

Luca Fireplace by HearthCabinet® + Cliff Young Ltd.

"You have to see them embedded in the furniture to understand how they revolutionize the idea of what a fireplace can look and feel like. A beautiful self-contained fire with no smoke and no chimney either!" says Cliff Young's owner, Leslie Azzolina Zarra. "We think the collaboration is the perfect marriage of sophisticated simplicity with the warmth of home."

Faceted Fireplace by HearthCabinet® + Cliff Young Ltd.

Faceted Fireplace by HearthCabinet® + Cliff Young Ltd.

Cliff Young Ltd. was founded in 1968 by Leslie Azzolina Zarra’s father, Cliff Young, an Italian-American who went from passionate musician to charismatic furniture designer. To this day their business maintains strong family values and exercises meticulous attention to detail while creating new signature pieces and when reproducing their classic products.

Cliff Young Ltd. founder Cliff Young + daughter & current CEO Leslie Azzolina Zarra

Cliff Young Ltd. founder Cliff Young + daughter & current CEO Leslie Azzolina Zarra

We have been honored to develop this line of quality furniture with Cliff Young Ltd. and hope to create more pieces in the near future.

If you would like to order either of the custom pieces, please contact HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces for info and pricing. Both can also be customized for size, color and detailing if you need to!

To see more of our standard and custom Hearth Cabinet Luxury Ventless Fireplaces click here. We also offer volume/wholesale pricing for qualified relationships.

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Spring Forward with These Stunning Fireplace Designs

A HearthCabinet™ Ventless Fireplace offers the perfect focal point for any project. Our fully customizable units will brighten-up your room.

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