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A HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplace is a self-contained unit. It does not require a chimney or any venting, nor does it require a gas line, electrical wiring, or connections of any kind.  It can be installed easily, and virtually anywhere, indoors and out.


HearthCabinet® Ventless Fireplaces do not burn gas or wood or any liquid fuel. Instead, they use Safety Gel Cartridges™, which burn cleanly with no smoke and no odor.


To light a fire, simply drop a Safety Gel Cartridge in the fireplace and light it with a long lighter.  Then use your Locked Safety Screen™ To guarantee safety.  The Locked Safety Screen allows you to see the fire clearly, but the Locked Steel Mesh prevents anyone from getting to the fire, including guests and children.


Cartridges last about 2 Hours and then will go out on their own.  They can also be easily extinguished, manually, by using the snuffer plates that come with every unit.


HearthCabinet® is perfect for any home or condominium and even commercial projects.  They have been installed In over 700 homes and buildings, including some of the most prominent and exclusive addresses in the United States.


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