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HearthCabinet Testimonials

HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces not only look good in photos and on paper, they make a real difference in the lives of the end-users and trade professionals incorporating them into projects. Here are some examples of what clients are saying about us.

Garcia Maldonado – Designer

Read what customers are saying in their gel fireplace reviews and learn why HearthCabinet provides the best ventless fireplaces around.

G.H. – Residential Client

“If you are like me and love the feeling of a fireplace, but live in an urban environment that doesn’t allow for it, the HearthCabinet is the way to go. I looked all around for viable alternatives to a true fireplace, and it just can’t be done electrically without compromising that “real flame” feel. I bought the HearthCabinet and had it installed to look like a true fireplace. It really is a perfect alternative. It’s hassle free, absolutely gorgeous and gives my apartment the warmth and feel of a true fireplace. Plus their staff is a pleasure to work with.” 


Annika Sandberg, Hospitality! Los Angeles, CA – Designer/Showroom Owner

“Many homes in southern California are not suited, construction wise, for the few months out of the year that we experience colder weather as the wet and damp coastal fog makes its way inland. HearthCabinet Ventless fireplaces provides a practical solution to this problem which is made even better by the close to nonexistent installation costs when compared to masonry and/or gas line fireplaces. It is also an amazing alternative to “real” fireplaces since it doesn’t jeopardize the use of a flame like some of its electric counterparts.  As an interior design firm that has the privilege of displaying HearthCabinet fireplaces in our to the trade showroom, I can say without a doubt that this product is not only gorgeous but also practical and efficient.  Its sheer flexibility makes it suitable for a variety of design projects which is facilitated by how friendly, helpful, and professional their staff in New York is.  We look forward to continuing to work with such an amazing product for many years to come!”


Robin Baron, Robin Baron Design - Designer

"As a professional interior designer, I have worked with Hearth Cabinet on many projects. I love them! They are a dream to work with and their fireplaces allow me to design and install fireplaces where I wouldn't have physically been able to using a traditional fireplace. They have created a unique product that has opened endless possibilities for me and my clients."


Carolyn Pressly, Carolyn Pressly Interiors - Designer

"Hearth's ventless fireplace became the star feature of my clients' traditional Tribeca loft designed by Carolyn Pressly Interiors. The loft featured a long room that I needed to visually conpartmentalize. I chose to install a feature wall with a Hearth contemporary "fireplace" to section the room into separate living and dining areas. Both seating arrangements now can enjoy the beautiful heatless, gasless flames that the Hearth box showcases. I highly recommend this product. The sales team is also pleasant and enjoyable to work with, educating the client about the products and enabling a showroom demonstration of the product."


id 810 design group - Designer

"This product is absolutely genius - we've used Hearth Cabinet's ventless fireplaces in countless projects since we were first introduced to the product at a trade show many years ago. In most instances, the mere mention of adding this ventless and gasless fireplace to our clients has them signing on the dotted line. We love that we can modify the design to fit contemporary and modern spaces as well as more traditional and transitional homes. The team has always been available to answer technical questions and assist with the ordering and installation process. We couldn't be happier that we stumbled upon this product years ago and plan to continue specifying it to our clients for many years to come."


Katherine Perino, Chesney's - Crafter and Designer

"HearthCabinet provides a superior product in the alternative fire category. Their fires can be installed in many locations where other options are not allowed, and have made it into many of the most discriminating buildings in Manhattan and beyond. Perhaps more importantly, all their products are customizable and their sales and install teams are easy to work with. We have collaborated with them on many projects; I can recommend them without reservation."


Douglas Graneto, Douglas Graneto Design - Designer

"We have worked with HearthCabinet on a couple of projects now and they have been wonderful to work with. Everyone is very accommodating and open to working with custom designs. My firm and, most importantly, my clients have been extremely happy with the results."


Cliff Young LTD – Designer

“HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces provide elegant, versatile designs and super easy installation with no ventilation headaches. There are no fuel connections to worry about and are low maintenance and very safe for families. Not to mention the endless possibilities of custom design around each piece, whether for a stately focal point, a room divider, creating a small cozy corner, incorporating storage, shelving or seating: it will definitely set the mood for a great home atmosphere.”


Ismael Leyva, Ismael Leyva Architects - Architect

“We found HearthCabinet fireplaces to be the optimum choice for the design of the Yotel suites because of their user-friendly operation, flexibility in installation and compliance with the City of New York code.”


Michelle Carano, Michelle Carano Designs - Designer

"I contracted this company for a high end project in NYC. They were fantastic. They expertly walked us thru design options, pricing, and were true to their delivery timeline. Over the winter my clients sent me a video, they were in front of their fireplace telling me how happy they were. It doesn't get much better than that for a designer. I look forward to working with them again."


S.C. – Residential Client

“We knew we were going to miss our beautiful working fireplace when we moved from our pre-war home. Lucky for us however, while visiting a friend, we discovered a beautiful, cleaner, and more convenient alternative, HearthCabinet!  We were so amazed by the unit that our friend had that we immediately went home and incorporated two HearthCabinet fireplaces into our renovation. The best news was also that it did not require any gas lines or additional construction.  All we had to do was pick a wall location and design of how we wanted to have it installed.  We chose a traditional mantel style but know that it works just as well in a modern setting as we saw in our friends’ home.   Now we have the luxury of having a beautiful fire whenever we want and the safety feature of not having to wait for the embers to go out should we decide to leave our apartment.  Thank you HearthCabinet!”


Resource Furniture - Custom, Designer Furniture

"We are constantly impressed with the team at Hearth Cabinet. Not only do they have a great eye, they are a joy to work with. Can't be beat!"


PoshHaus - Luxury Home Improvement

"This product allows you to safely add a fire feature anywhere without costly flues, and gas lines. Not only that in many cases a fire feature just would not be possible. Burns very clean and the optional insert make it so you can have candles in the place during the warmer months. Very well executed."


E.D. – Residential Client

“The HearthCabinet Fireplace is a beautiful enhancement to Jay and Angelica's living room. It is functional as a heat source, as well as creating a romantic ambience. Most of all, the fireplace is an unexpected feature for many visitors to the apartment, who don't realize that this is available for flueless installation and is N.Y.C. fire code approved.”


Ronen Tzur, KBS Kitchen & Bath - Designer

“I must say that the fire place unit that I've purchased was beautiful and easy to install, everybody was happy with that choice.”